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Distant Words.net - A Web Coding Playground (New)

The Lauer Family

My name is Robert Lauer. I've been putting together web sites since 1999 starting with simple web building programs, and have since moved to hand coding with notepad. In 2005 I started going back to school for various web development certificates and other computer related degrees.

However, in 2007 my family bought our first house, a real piece of work. As a result of the major work needed to fix this place up, I have had to put my schooling on hold. In addition to that, I've also had little to no time for web coding.

I have now decided to make time to get back into what I love, but since it's been so long I've found I'm quite rusty. So I decided to create this site as basically a web coding playground.

I will be going through my books in order to catch up to where I once was. In the process, the work I do will be incorporated into this site, which means this site will be constantly changing.

Hopefully at least some of it will be entertaining, but it should all be interesting on one level or another. At least to a geek like me.

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